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About the Author

Rea was born in Guyana, South America, and lived in Barbados. She immigrated to Florida where she created and voluntarily implemented her Anger Control Management programs in Seminole County for 12 years. Presently, she lives in New York State and works as a Substance Use Disorder and Addiction clinician with the homeless shelters.

About the Book

Substance use and addiction are centuries-old epidemics. Overdoses have taken the lives of millions, more now with the appearance of COVID19 increasing around the world.
Anger Control Management: Making Love

Anger a mistaken identity of passion, the makeup sessions in sex with a controversial role that overtook the human species in the last few centuries.

Anger Control Management: The Human Crisis Life in Anger

Anger Control Management is a new approach in Human Engineering. It offers an indebt view of the various levels and intensity of anger, including the results of its destruction and violence.

Marine Moon

Life has an uncanny approach for counselor Zuri and a Marine. Christian had given up hope of ever living after his experience of losing his men in war and suffering from severe PTSD.

Calypso George

Liam’s yacht drifted into the waters of Barbados opening an adventure of smuggling, murder, and deception. Jamila was pulled into Liam’s life after they witnessed a murder.

Calypso George
What makes a juvenile a delinquent? What makes them extremely angry? Is it culture, beliefs, food or the brain? What are the reasons children become delinquents? Why are the numbers of delinquency escalating rapidly?
Calypso George
Two people from different cultures collided and fell in love in Central Florida, USA, a DEA agent, and a counselor. Is there love strong to live through the challenges of life?

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