Anger Control Management: Substance use Disorder and Addiction A painful Conviction

Substance use and addiction are centuries-old epidemics. Overdoses have taken the lives of millions, more now with the appearance of COVID19 increasing around the world. Little attention is given to the causation of this wave of substance use with its addiction that crashed against the human species. Relapses seem to be the norm.

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Two people from different cultures collided and fell in love in Central Florida, USA, a DEA agent, and a counselor. Is there love strong to live through the challenges of life? After five years of collecting evidence from Barbados, St. Lucia, and Florida, Maxwell Halifax found the evidence he needed to close his case.

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Calypso George

Liam’s yacht drifted into the waters of Barbados opening an adventure of smuggling, murder, and deception. Jamila was pulled into Liam’s life after they witnessed a murder. Together, they tried to stay alive from the mayhem that followed them to New York, Paris, and Geneva.

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Marine Moon

Life has an uncanny approach for counselor Zuri and a Marine. Christian had given up hope of ever living after his experience of losing his men in war and suffering from severe PTSD. He was on his last lifeline when he met Zuri and never thought that he can feel love.

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Anger Control Management: Making Love

Anger a mistaken identity of passion, the makeup sessions in sex with a controversial role that overtook the human species in the last few centuries. The aftermath of feelings generated from the release of negative energy, trying to accomplish the unbelievable aspects of love, only to dampen the making of love in the relationship.

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